Life Of Aristotle


Aristotle (born in 384 BC) was an Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist. Aristotle was only at the age of seven when his father sent him at the academy. He was one of the brightest students of Plato. He started there as a student, eventually became a researcher and then a teacher. When Plato passed away, he willed the academy not to Aristotle but to his nephew Speusippus. Aristotle decided to leave Athens and go to a place called Assos, in Asia Minor with his friend Xenocrates. He opened up a branch of the academy there. In Assos, Aristotle met with Hermia another former student of Plato, Hermia had become the king of Assos. Aristotle, later married Hermia’s niece, Pythias, who died 10 years later after the marriage. Eventually Aristotle drifted away from Platonism and developed his own ideas.  


Around 343BC King Phillip of Macedonia, sent an invitation to Aristotle. He wanted Aristotle to teach his 13 year old brat, Alexander. “In 359BC, Alexander’s father, King Phillip decided to set off to subdue the Greek City-States, leaving Alex in charge, thus stopping his tutoring. King Philip was then murdered, in 336 BC, and Alexander then became king. He mobilized his father's great army and subdued some city-states, thus becoming "Alexander The Great".


Aristotle was known to have a very vast intellectual range. He covered most of the sciences and many of the arts such as biology and botany and many more. “But he is, of course, most outstanding as a philosopher. His writings in ethics and political theory as well as in metaphysics and the philosophy of science continue to be studied, and his work remains a powerful current in contemporary philosophical debate.”



Aristotle considered the earth to be spherical because of two main reasons. Number 1: The Circular Shaped Shadow which forms during the eclipses. Number 2: The height of the stars change when we move. Aristotle also said the Earth was in the centre of the universe. He was proved wrong later on.


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